Wednesday, August 3, 2011

F*cked Up Facebook Finds 2

Second edition of F'd Up Facebook Finds! You know the drill, lower left hand corner is where you can find the report button.

Page #1: "Throwing eggs at a slut, brick shaped eggs - made from brick."

Moar violence and shaming towards women.

What's especially disturbing about this page, and the next one, is that it clearly represents how shaming women can directly lead to and harbor violence. So when reporting, it's up to you to decide if you want to report the page for hate speech towards gender or orientation, or a credible threat of violence. So far I have been reporting under hate speech towards gender or orientation.

Page #2:  "Kick the bitch, why? coz shes a slut"

I'm noticing a disgusting theme here.

When someone is trying to degrade women or discount what they say/believe/their existence for whatever reason, it's very typical for them to simply call her a slut.

Don't like what she said? Call her a slut. Don't like what she's wearing? Call her a slut. Don't like how she's (not) talking at all? Call her a slut. We can also replace this with the word bitch, which is very common as well. If you hook up with her, she's a slut. If she won't hook up with you, she's a bitch. If you think she's ugly, sluttybitchbitch. If she engages in sexual activity at any level (depending on the person doing the insulting) she's a slut.

People have no right to look down on women. They especially don't have a right to look down on women simply because they don't like the fact she's a sexual being. Her sex life is not your business.

And if she is going to talk about her sex life, it doesn't matter if she's had one sex partner or 22, it's not your place to judge or shame her.

Please, go read this and pay heavy attention to the effects of slut shaming.

Page #3: "I'm not sexist, sexism is wrong, and being wrong is for women."

Sexism attempts syllogisms. This seems innocent because it seems like such an outrageous joke, nobody could possibly agree with it. "We all know women aren't actually wrong in all aspects of life, we're just joking." Jokes like these are maintained when a real argument or disagreement comes up. Not only is a joke like this a reflection of real values in our culture, a page like this on Facebook fosters a place where women can be bashed, openly, and it's all okay!

We have gems such as this from the people who liked it, "I think it's so effing funny when bitches crack the shits about sexist jokes. Like fuck, pull the wooden spoon out of your ass and cook me something, fuck."

"Put a dick in it females or get back to the kitchen."

i know this is a joke page. but seriousley women are fucking retarded. only good for rooting. coz the birds i know cant even cook fucking shit cunts"

Additionally, there are plenty of other racist comments mimicking the page title such as, "I'm not racist, racism is a crime, and crime is for aboriginals."

Note, there are multiple versions of this page, some other ones besides the one I linked are here, here and here.

 Page #4: "Dropping a spoon and naming your Chinese kid after the noise it makes"

Amongst 99% of the comments spouting "ting, ching chong hurhur" there's also wonderful comments such as this one, "I named mine Squints, does that count?"

Don't think I need to explain the racism behind this, but encase you want some reading, check out this wiki entry here.

Happy reporting!

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