Wednesday, August 10, 2011

F*cked Up Facebook Finds 3

Third edition of Facebook finds! You know the drill, lower left hand corner is where you can find the report button.

Page #1: "Giving your pregnant girlfriend the ol 'whoops a daisy' down the stairs"

Violence towards pregnant women. Because if birth control fails when a man ejaculates inside a woman, the man has some right to be so angry at her and the consequence to push her "accidentally" down the stairs, hopefully inducing an abortion. Not, you know, taking responsibility and taking her to a doctor where yall can discuss the options and have a safe abortion, no no, it's much more hilarious to push a woman down the stairs. I'm surprised nobody on the page recently made a "falcon punch" joke.

Page #2: "Hit with the ugly branch? You've been gangbanged by the whole fkin forrest."

Page #3: "That awkward moment when a fat chick trys to be sexy."

Page #4: "Letting ugly chicks suck your dick cause your a top bloke." 

Because it's our place to walk life judging others by how much we want to fuck them! And our standards? What we value? Obviously not anybody considered "fat." And that phrase - hit with the ugly branch - goes from only physical violence to describe someone who's 'ugly' in some asshats eyes, somehow turn into sexual violence, a gang bang.

I'm so sick of people who walk through life sitting on a pedestal, as if they were cops, judging the value of women based on how much they are attracted to them.

So you think someone's ugly? Who the fuck are you? As if the only purpose women have in life is to look good - no wait, not just look good, but look good *specifically* in the way society tells us too (which is dictated by men), at the very least, and in cases like these - to look good and attractive in some random person's eyes. Because obviously if they're deemed ugly by you then they must be depressed as hell. Women weren't put here to be decoration for you - whoever the fuck you are - as if you're so damn important. Women aren't seen as people, but just potential sex toys. And if they're not fuckable (or someone you'd jerk it to) then they can piss off and die? Their existence is annoying?

Get over yourself. Women are people. 100% people. Value them for being a person, not how much your sorry self wishes they could screw them, because they sure as shit don't believe they were put in this world to be your eye candy.

Happy reporting.

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